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What is a Spine Surgeon?

Spine surgery is one of the most challenging subspecialties of medicine, due to the delicate nature of spine anatomy. A spine surgeon is a highly trained orthopaedic surgeon, well versed in the intricacies of back and neck structures. After completing medical school, spine surgeons receive specialized residency and fellowship training in the field.

A spine surgeon stays up-to-date with cutting-edge spine surgery treatments for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine as they become available. Spine surgeons have devoted their career to focusing on back and neck treatments specifically, gaining experience and perfecting their skill. They are dedicated to achieving the best possible treatment outcome for their patients.

A spine surgeon treats the spine with conservative efforts before rushing to surgery whenever possible, understanding that surgery isn’t always risk free. They reduce the risk of spine surgery complications by ensuring that the surgery is necessary, working closely with a skilled anesthesiologist, and prescribing the necessary medications to help you avoid blood clots. During surgery, your spine surgeon will also help minimize risks by carefully protecting the nerve fibers and other structures of your spinal cord. Afterwards, your surgeon will monitor the location of any surgical implants you may receive.

Spine Surgery in Canton

A good spine surgeon will successfully perform the surgery you need. A great spine surgery will perform your surgery and prescribe follow-up treatment. The very best spine surgeon takes time to get to know you and how your condition is affecting your life, educates you about your condition and treatment options, has the tools including knowledge and experience to successfully perform your surgery, and follows up with your post-operative care to maximize your results.

Dr. Jared J. Stefanko is one of the finest spine surgeons in North Canton, Ohio, possessing the qualities of the best of his profession. Patients come from across Northeast Ohio, as well as the surrounding communities and neighboring states for his expertise, compassion, and comprehensive spine care.

When you need the most advanced spine surgery available, as well as a compassionate orthopaedic doctor who understands your condition and how to optimize your outcome, turn to Dr. Jared J. Stefanko at Spectrum. Request an appointment online with orthopaedic spine surgeon Dr. Stefanko or call us at (330) 305-0838 today.

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